Does Randi Weingarten Live at the White House?

Move Over Waldo, Randi is Coming for Ya

It’s beginning to feel like Whack-A-Mole with Randi Weingarten, the grand poobah of the American Federation of Teachers. She is everywhere. Where’s Waldo might need to relinquish his red-and-white garb to the union president who seems to be gearing up for the starring role in Where’s Randi, a new series of historical fiction that will help fill the vacuum left by Dr. Seuss. These hypothetically awesome books will mostly feature pictures of the White House since it increasingly seems like Weingarten might actually live under the Biden’s bed. Readers will know that if they spot Jill or Joe (or new education secretary, Miguel Cardona) that red and white Randi, double masked of course, can’t be far away.

Cable news will also feature prominently in the new book series. CNN’s Chris Cuomo will definitely be on a page looking like a deer in the headlights who only knows how to nod. I guess maybe we should cut Chris a little slack since he has had a rough week, watching his brother Andrew Cuomo’s free-fall from the “Love Gov” to public enemy #1. What do you expect when you send thousands of nursing home residents to their death and then try to distract from that by focusing on the women you’ve sexually harassed?

But I digress.

Randi Weingarten lied during her interview with Chris Cuomo and insulted the intelligence of the American public. He did not even push back a little.

She is one brazen lady. And he is terrible at his job.

The full interview is here.

Randi can say she’s “angry” but we all know that she is one of the main reasons that so many schools, especially in cities, have still not opened at all. While governors like Democrat Gina Raimondo in my state of Rhode Island and Republican Ron DeSantis in Florida stayed steadfast in their commitment to opening schools, Randi Weingarten sowed fear throughout her membership and did everything she could to keep schools closed.

People who worked hard to get schools open actually got schools open. For her to claim that she’s been trying to open schools since April—or at all— is so untrue it’s like she has amnesia over what has actually transpired over the past twelve months. I mean, I understand why she wants to forget her role in this catastrophe for America’s children but the rest of us remember and have long memories.

In fact, if Randi had her druthers, it appears that she’d close more schools.

Since Randi is now attached at the hip to Jill Biden—ya know, because Jill’s a teacher—the two recently visited an open school in Meriden, Connecticut; that is the hometown of newly confirmed education secretary Miguel Cardona and also where he started his career in education. Cardona was a big proponent of reopening schools until he was forced under Randi’s spell and suddenly became the “let’s host a summit to figure out how to reopen” guy.

Nothing spells urgency like hosting a summit to figure out how to do something that more than 65 percent of public schools and 92 percent of Catholic schools have already been doing for months.

I keep wondering how that plan sounds to people who live in Iowa, Wyoming and Montana where 100 percent of the schools are already open.

Nothing makes sense but it must really not make sense to them.

Where’s Randi is definitely going to be a best-seller. I’d buy it just to see all the color coordinated masks of the First Lady—whoever has the job of ensuring that her masks match her outfits is killing it.

And who could forget this?

No need to wonder where Randi is. Smart money is that she is at the White House reminding the Bidens that she is a big reason they get to live there.