This is ridiculous. 11-year-olds shouldn't have to think about stuff like that yet. It may create anxiety where none existed.

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Schools should put their effort into teaching the 3 R's and let parents worry about raising them.

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They are data mining your children.

Selling your children like a commodity.

Profiling you and your family.

Just like they want your child to get used to wearing a mask,

they want to desensitize them to these intrusive types of questions...

make them comfortable for KGB-controlled life. Or ESG or DEI.

Social credit score.

As many in the media said last year,

they want to round up the parents and put them in camps,

even Katie Couric said this,

and then take the children from the parents.

Not only are they data mining your children, but they're also data mining you.

Do you deserve to parent this child or not?

Difficult for good people to understand evil.

We put our own limits on evil and that's just not realistic.

This may seem harmless, but it's not.

They're commoditizing you... like a slave, like cattle.

Teaching your child to follow their rules and behavior.

Ever watch the Hunger Games?

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I'm in my 40s and we took surveys like this when I was in school. They help the school and district know which issues they need to address to keep our kids healthy and safe. They also spur kids to talk to their parents about things they don't understand, just as yours did. I see your son's question as an opportunity to talk about how rare that type of behavior is and what he might do if one of his friends ever showed up to class under the influence. Chances are, talking to you about the survey gave him some new insights.

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Many thoughts, including…seems like schools are trying to take responsibility for more and more aspects of kids lives, what are they doing with this information, and the questions about teachers are just funny to me as I remember wanting to rebel against the adults not have them constantly checking in. I would describe my favorite teachers as competent and fair rather than caring/concerned.

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Like everything else in todays world we are giving children excuses for their own actions.

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This actually looks like a pretty good survey. The only thing I didn’t like was all the questions at the beginning relating to race. It’s obvious they are trying to find out how much the CRT lessons hit home, and since it’s at the beginning of the survey it’s obviously what’s most important to them. I have to admit, I’d be curious to know what the answers were myself.

For your son, he could have selected “none of the above” and put “Doctor visit” in the explanatory box. Easy enough.

The saving grace of CRT education is that I’m really not sure how much of it is at all understandable by kids. Most of it uses jargon that even I, a well-educated adult, would find difficult to understand.

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My son is a HS Junior. I insisted on private (Catholic) education starting in Kindergarten. I thought things were bad 10 years ago...

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More differentiation is needed. But the more I teach the more I find that kids are going through a lot and we have to support them the best we can.

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I would be suspicious of the motives behind it. I don't think the information asked for on its face is really what they're after. It strikes me that there is something insidious about it. I would not let him fill it out. I would send a note back to the teacher and tell him/her, "When you ask him if 2+2=4, then you'll get an answer." Godspeed.

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Answers to All if them.

"None of your effing business"!

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I am gender non-conforming... I don't believe gender is anything more than a social construct. My sex is female, but since the question is asking about my gender, I would select the option that says "non-conforming".... which may be interpreted as me being trans?????? These questions are written dreadfully.

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If someone had asked me those questions I suspect I wouldn't have been bullied to the point of damaging my future, I would have felt more comfortable talking about my home life from which I needed help. I would have felt my school cared instead of just looking at me as a stat for a school poster about grades, admissions, and quality. Maybe the teacher who molested students in all the schools I went to would have been outed. Maybe the abusive teachers would have been handled. Maybe I wouldn't have had to rely on myself to know you stand up for those who are bullied including by teachers who shouldn't never make children feel bad for who they are and gotten all that detention and bad reviews for "not respecting authority". I'll give you some other fun facts, when I was 11 I had friends who drank, got high, had sex, and all the things you are 100% positive we were all too young to know about. We weren't, and had we been more informed we would have been safer.

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I have never seen something like this but my child isnt to 6th grade yet. I think there should definately be a different survey for younger vs older students. I would want to know what are they doing with this data as well. During covid they should have had the option to mail in. Some information that should definately be discussed but I think we are getting to the realm of too many surveys and too much tracking to be sure.

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Seems reasonable to me. Also brings up good talking points.

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