Add to the growing list about being whatever gender they want, that being straight is privileged, that trans people are the cool unicorn, that one is sexual at the age of 7, the sexual health that is discussed as young as kindergarten and we have created a very confused and harmed generation. Teachers telling students that their parents aren't safe. That is the icing on the cake.

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Yes, just yes. I hope you pick a big hill to die on because a whole lot of people will be joining you for the battle.

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I’ve worked directly with many dozens of schools in the left-leaning cities of NYC and LA, some with explicit social justice orientation, and I’ve never seen anything like what you describe here.

What I have seen is a greater emphasis on building positive relationships between kids, ensuring that students of color are considered, supported and not singled out for punishment. I’ve seen redesigning of homework expectations, and creation of opportunities for make-up work for the many kids who have jobs after school. I’ve seen books added to libraries that include protagonists who look like the students or share life experiences with them. Where I have seen teachers talk about sexual identity, it’s always done with care and in developmentally appropriate ways (i.e. sometimes kids can have two mommies at home). This work is almost always about teaching about experiences kids are already having, not pushing external ideology.

Most critically I have seen a increasing emphasis on intervening and supporting all kids with Ds and Fs to make every effort to help them learn and be successful. they are moving away from the traditional “sink or swim” approach, which would write off students with great potential and communicate to those students that they don’t belong.

I’ve tried to keep an open mind with what conservative commentators say about schools, but no matter where I look I don’t see it. I’ve even worked in a school that was the subject of an outraged FOX news segment, and can testify that the school did everything right in that case; the FOX segment was mostly a fabrication. With all due respect to the author, I worry that these examples are more reflective of media companies and consumers of media looking for examples to fit a narrative than real problems.

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